Musician Enrichment Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation formed in 2004.


The Musician Enrichment Foundation is dedicated to enhancing community life and enriching individual musicians through music education, chamber music, festivals and financial assistance.

What We've Achieved          New For 2017/2018

  • MEF Band Camp 2016
  • MEF/ASU Band Camp 2017
  • Annual October "Wine and Song" fundraising/social event
  • Annual February London Bus Tour "Catch the Bus to Band Camp" fundraiser/social event.
  • Annual Spring Concert
  • Loan program of donated musical instruments
  • Competitions
  • Adult and Student Chamber Ensembles
  • MEF/ASU Band Camp 2018
  • MEF Flute Camp 2018
  • High School Chamber Ensembles: Woodwind Quintet and Saxophone Quartet began Fall 2017
  • Festival 2018
  • Additional High School Chamber Ensembles starting Fall 2018 including Flute Quartet, Clarinet Quartet, Brass Quintet and String Quartet.