MEF/ASU Music Camp is offered by Musician Enrichment Foundation in partnership with the ASU School of Music. Outstanding camp instructors include ASU School of Music faculty members, Phoenix Symphony personnel, and other exceptional performers and educators. Classes include large ensembles, sectionals, masterclasses, electives and faculty recitals. There is a required student performance on Saturday, June 22nd at 2:00pm. This free performance in Gammage Auditorium is open to camp families and the community.

Regular camp tuition is $250.

Free camp student performances include an Honor Chamber Ensembles recital in Katzin Hall on Friday, June 21, 2:30pm and the culminating Camp Concert in Gammage Auditorium on Saturday, June 22, 2:00pm.

Ensemble Directors and Assistants:  

  • Wind Ensemble Director: Dr. Jason Caslor

  • Symphonic Band Director: Jon Gomez

  •  Concert Band Director: Philip Lemar

  • Concert Band Assistant: Nathan Benitez

  •  Choir Director: Nathan Myers

  • Choir Accompanist: Dr. Monica Horn

 Sectional/Masterclass Instructors:

·         Flute: Dr. Jiyoun Hur  

·         Clarinet: Dr. Joshua Gardner

·         Oboe: Charlotte Ethington

·         Bassoon: Jordanna Matlock

·         Saxophone: Kristen Zelenak

·         Low Reeds Sectional: Dr. Stefanie Gardner

·         Trumpet: Emery Harvison

·         Trombone: Dr. Brad Edwards

·         Horn: Martha Edwards

·         Euphonium/Tuba: Dr. Deanna Swoboda

·         Percussion: Ian Grzyb

·         Vocal Sectional: Amanda Taylor

·     Vocal Sectional: Andi Pitman Will

 Electives and Instructors

 7-8th grade electives:

·         Beat Making: Samuel Peña

·         Rhythm and Pitch: Bill Clay

9th grade-graduating senior’s electives:

·         iPad Band: Dr. Melita Belgrave

·         Jazz Improvisation: Michael Kocour

·         Class Piano: Isidora Jovanavic

·         Advanced Vocal Technique: Dr. Nathan Myers

 Electives open to all grades:

·         Ethnomusicology: Jordanna Matlock

·         Drumming Circle: Ian Grzyb  

·         Vocal Literacy/Choral Sight Reading Skills: Amanda Taylor

 High School Leadership Team Elective:

·         Leadership Training - Dr. Jason Caslor, Jon Gomez and Philip Lemar


MEF/ASU Music Camp 2019 (Band and Choir)

Open to band students grades 7-12, fall 2019 and graduating seniors spring 2019.

Open to choir students grades 8-12, fall 2019 and graduating seniors spring 2019.

Applications accepted through June 16th, as space permits. Tuition is $250.

Electives open to all grades:

1. Ethnomusicology/World Music (active participation)

2. Drumming Circle (no drumming experience required)

3. Vocal Literacy/Choral Sight Reading Development

Electives open only to incoming 7th and 8th graders:

1. Beat Making (computer music making)

2. Rhythm and Pitch (music theory)

Electives open only to incoming 9th graders through graduating seniors:

1. Class Piano

2. iPad band (computer music making, you must provide your own iPad)

3. Jazz Improvisation

4. Advanced Vocal Technique

Letter emailed on 5/28/19

Dear MEF/ASU Music Camp participant,

We look forward to working with you at camp the week of June 17-22! All camp activities take place in the ASU School of Music, Gammage classrooms, Gammage Auditorium and the Memorial Union. Daily drop-off (8:00am) and pick-up (3:35pm) is by the Music Building, 50 E. Gammage Parkway, Tempe, 85281. The camp office is located in Cowley Lobby in the ASU School of Music.

 Attached are the music excerpts for the band ensembles’ auditions. The audition requirements for choir and band ensemble placement are listed at the very bottom of this email.

 Please be assured you have already been accepted into the camp. The purpose of the Sunday, June 16, audition is to place all campers in an appropriate ensemble and to select students to participate in the High School Honor Chamber Ensembles (which rehearse after camp hours from 3:35-4:35pm Monday-Thursday and perform in a recital on Friday from 2:30-3:30pm). You will receive your specific audition time in another email by June 10.  Auditions will take place between 3:00-7:00pm. If you indicated on your camp application a need for an alternate audition time, you will be scheduled to audition on Monday, June 17, between 7:00-8:00am.

 If you indicated on your application your need to rent an instrument from ASU you will be contacted this week. It is suggested that you rent from a music store as the ASU rentals will not be available until a few days before camp. Renting from a music store will provide you more time to practice the audition music.

 Other Camp Information:

You should have received and signed the camp parent/student signature forms via a document signing service called SignNow. It was sent from You should have received an acceptance email and an electives email from Joe Beringer,, MEF board member and camp email coordinator. Please contact me if you have not received the signature forms from SignNow or the emails from Joe Beringer. You can expect more emails prior to the start of camp, either from,, or

 The free camp concert is Saturday, June 22, 2:00-3:45pm in Gammage Auditorium, 1200 S. Forest Ave.  Please invite family, friends and music instructors to attend this fantastic concert. Parking in the Gammage lot is free for concert attendees. All campers will be required to stay for the complete concert. Please celebrate with us at Mellow Mushroom or Chipotle after the concert. Both restaurants will donate a portion of the proceeds to MEF. Information fliers will be emailed during camp week.

Please review the Behavior Expectations and Guidelines below. This document was included in the SignNow documents mentioned above. There you will find information on lunch, which is either purchased by the students at the ASU Memorial Union or provided from home (non-perishable as we do not have access to refrigerators). Please be respectful of camp faculty, staff and volunteers, ASU employees and all other campers. Treat the ASU facilities with utmost respect and care as it is a great privilege to be a guest at the ASU School of Music.

 If you have any questions regarding the placement audition requirements, please contact me. I am happy to guide you in whatever way is needed.

 We look forward to a fun and enriching camp week!

Carol Mellis

Camp Director



MEF/ASU Music Camp 2019

Behavior Expectations and Guidelines


1. Enjoy a wonderful week of music making at the MEF/ASU Music Camp! Be sure to bring your instrument, all instrument supplies and a pencil. Music folders and camp sheet music will be provided and must be returned in good condition after the concert.

2. Possess a positive and friendly attitude and participate fully in camp activities.

3. Attend all classes to which you are assigned. Be on time to every rehearsal, class and activity. Attend camp all day on Saturday, June 22, which includes the Camp Concert in Gammage Auditorium from 2:00-4:00pm. Wear concert dress clothes all day on June 22.

4. Never leave the designated camp areas. Always wear your camp lanyard, which you will pick up each day at check-in and return each day at check-out.


6. Follow the “Buddies System”. Always be in the company of three or more official MEF/ASU Music Camp participants, staff or volunteers (you plus two other people). Any exceptions to this rule will be clearly stated by Mrs. Carol Mellis, Camp Director.  

7. Bring money for lunch at the ASU Memorial Union or bring a non-perishable lunch from home. Bring a water bottle with your name marked on it. You will be walking to the Memorial Union each day for lunch, a five minute walk from the School of Music. Wearing comfortable walking shoes daily is highly recommended.

8. Only use cell phones and other electronics before camp, after camp and at lunch.

9. Be considerate of all participants, staff, volunteers, food service workers and all others you encounter while on the ASU campus. Do not use offensive language and dress modestly. 

10. Display respect for others and do not engage in any physical or verbal confrontations with participants, staff or volunteers.

11. Limit public display of affection to brief hand holding or a simple hug.

12. Do not bring any of the following items to camp: drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, lighters, matches, weapons, any other dangerous or illegal items, or inappropriate materials in any form.

13. Follow all directions of the camp staff and volunteers.

14. Camp staff reserves the right to discern whether rules have been followed, whether a participant will be restricted from certain activities or be assigned specific seating in an activity, or if it is necessary to remove a participant from camp without refund.


Audition Requirements


Vocal Ensembles:

·         Vocal solo of participant’s choice, either from classical or music theatre repertoire, memorized. Please bring 2 sheet music copies of your solo, with piano accompaniment.  You will be provided a piano accompanist at the audition.

·         Sight-Reading

  Instrumental Ensembles:

·         All campers auditioning will play Excerpt #1. If you would like to be considered for placement in the Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble you must also prepare Excerpts #2, #3 and #4. Percussion who would like to be considered for the Wind Ensemble must also prepare Percussion Excerpt #5. Students who only play Excerpt #1 in their audition will be assigned to Concert Band.

·         Chromatic scale, memorized (the fullest range within your abilities).

·         One major scale selected by the adjudicator, memorized (F, Bb or Eb concert for Concert Band, up to four flats and four sharps for those wanting to be considered for placement in the Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble).

·         Sight-reading



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