MEF/ASU Band Camp Faculty and Staff. Bold names are ASU Faculty or Graduate Students. Non-bold names are professional educators in the community. 

Artistic Director: Carol Mellis

ASU Liaison: Dr. Deanna Swoboda

Joe Beringer: Registration/Email Volunteer

 Wind Ensemble Director: Dr. Jason Caslor

Symphonic Band Director: David DuPlessis

Concert Band Director: Arlie DuPlessis

Concert Band Assistant: Mark Lyons

Symphonic Band Assistant: Angelita Ponce

 Flute: Tracy Werner

Oboe: Charlotte Heiner

Bassoon: Jordanna Matlock

Clarinet: Dr. Joshua Gardner

Saxophone: Dr. Christopher Creviston

Low Woodwinds: Dr. Stephanie Gardner

Trumpet: Emery Harvison

Horn: Juli Buxbaum

Trombone Dr. Brad Edwards

Euphonium/Tuba: Dr. Deanna Swoboda

Percussion: Ian Grzyb

Music Composition: Dr. Jody Rockmaker

Chamber Music: Jill Sullivan

Rhythm and Pitch/Music Theory: Mark Lyons

Beat Making: Michael Ferraro


Dear MEF/ASU Band Camp Participants and Parents,

We look forward to working with you during camp week, June 11-15th. The camp is located at the School of Music on the Arizona University Tempe campus. The address for daily drop-off and pick-up is 50 E. Gammage Pkwy, Tempe, 85281. Camp hours are Monday-Thursday 8:30am-3:30pm and Friday 8:30am-7:00pm. The camp concert will be held in Gammage Auditorium on Friday, June 15, 5:00pm.  The concert, and parking for the concert, is free and open to the public. Please be prepared to pay for metered parking (credit card style) any other time you park your car on the ASU campus.

Check-in:  Each camp day all campers, including the High School Leadership Team, will check- in by picking up their name tag/lanyard in the School of Music West Wing Lobby.

Check-out: At the end of each camp day, students’ name tags will be collected by camp staff/volunteers as students leave their last daily class.

Lunch: A supervised daily lunch hour will occur at the ASU Memorial Union (MU). Students are responsible for providing their own lunches which can be purchased at the MU (fast food) or brought from home (non-perishable).

 VERY IMPORTANT - Instruments and Supplies:  Students must provide their own instrument and supplies including reeds, value oil, slide grease, cork grease, etc.

ASU instruments on loan:  Students using an ASU instrument must provide their own reeds and supplies. Those who have been in contact with Carol Mellis, regarding using an ASU instrument, can pick up the ASU loaner instrument on Tuesday, May 22, at 4:00-5:00pm or Friday, May 25, at 11:00am-12:00 noon. The pick-up location is Dr. Deanna Swoboda’s office, W242, in the west wing of the ASU Music Building, second floor.

Required camp forms: You will receive several student/parent forms that must be filled out, signed and returned prior to the start of camp. You will receive the camp form email by the end of May.

Recording of the Gammage Concert: The Friday Gammage concert will be professionally recorded by On the Spot Recording (OTSR). You will receive an order form by email during camp week.  Please consider ordering an audio CD ($20) as a wonderful keepsake and in support of OTSR who records the concert at no cost to MEF.

Concert Dress: Clothing for Friday’s performance is dress-up clothes, any colors. Boys should wear dress shirts and ties, dress pants and dress shoes. Girls should wear dresses or dress shirts/pants and dress shoes. Please be modest in regards to neckline and dress length. There will be a scheduled time to dress for the concert on Friday afternoon. Please bring all concert clothes to camp check-in on Friday morning.

Valuables: Students will be responsible for all valuables brought to camp. It is best to leave all valuables at home.

Water: There will be breaks throughout the day but we also suggest bringing a capped water bottle clearly marked with your name.

Sweater/light jacket: The students will be inside all day at ASU. We suggest bringing a light jacket or sweater, with name clearly marked.

 Behavior: You are a special guest at the ASU School of Music and Gammage Auditorium.  Please be respectful of their facilities throughout the camp week. There are a few basic behavior expectations that must be followed by everyone during the camp week. Adherence to these expectations will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. In the unlikely case that a MEF/ASU Band Camp student is highly disruptive to the camp environment, Camp Director Carol Mellis reserves the right to suspend or remove a student from camp with no refund of camp fees.·  Students must remain active in the scheduled camp activities every camp day, including the lunch hour. Students are expected to follow directions given by camp instructors, staff and volunteers.

  • Students are never allowed to play or touch any percussion instruments at ASU. The only exception is the use of the percussion instruments by the camp percussionists during scheduled rehearsal times with supervision of camp staff.

  • Students are expected to possess superior rehearsal and class etiquette. This includes no talking during rehearsals, classes, recitals and masterclasses and being on time to all camp activities.

  •  Students are expected to be team players. They are expected to be kind and considerate to everyone attending the camp. Foul language, teasing and name calling are not allowed at the camp.

  •  School-like behaviors are expected in regards to appropriate dress, no romantic public displays of affection, no inappropriate or illegal items such as drugs, cigarettes or chewing tobacco, weapons or dangerous items.

  •  Students are expected to bring a pencil to camp every day.

  •    Electronic devices may only be used at lunch and on designated breaks.

  •  No food or drinks (except water containers with lids) are allowed in any ASU facilities.

  • There is no gum allowed during the camp at any time, including lunch.

    Additional MEF and ASU Summer Camps and Workshops:  MEF/ASU Flute Camp; Eastman Tuba/Euphonium Workshop; BAMM (Be a Music Major!) BAMM free registration is available for MEF/ASU Band Camp juniors and seniors. Contact Carol Mellis for the tuition waiver code.

    Camp ensemble placement/chair seating auditions: On Monday, June 11, you will have a short audition for band placement and/or seating order. All campers and the High School Leadership Team members will be placed in one of the three camp bands. Participants interested in auditioning for the Wind Ensemble (High School All-State and Regional level musicians) and Symphonic Band (generally 10-12 graders and some 9th graders) will have their auditions beginning at 8:30am. Students auditioning for Concert Band chair placement only (generally 7-8 graders and some 9th graders) will have a camp orientation meeting in Katzin Hall at 8:30am followed by Concert Band chair placement auditions.

     Audition Music Documents: Soon you will receive an email with three large audition music documents attched. One is Concert Band audition music, one is Symphonic Band audition music and one is Wind Ensemble audition music. The music is clearly marked at the top of the page with the name of each instrument and each ensemble. The bracketed excerpt(s) is what you will be asked to play in your audition. Please select and prepare audition music that best represents your ability level.  Below you will find further audition directions for each level of band.

     Concert Band - chair placement only: Most instruments have only one page of audition music, the exceptions are:

  •   Alto Saxophone has two pages to be prepared.

  • Clarinet and Trumpet have 2 pages to prepare as well as two choices of level. Please prepare the two pages that are the best pitch range for you. If you would like to be considered for 1st part, please prepare the two pages marked Clarinet 1 or Trumpet 1.

  •  Euphonium/Baritone has a Bass Clef (BC) option and a Treble Clef (TC) option. Choose the one that you are used to playing.

  •  Percussionist must prepare the snare and bass drum parts (on one page). If you have experience on mallet percussion, also prepare the Mallets page.

Symphonic Band:

  • All instruments have only one page to prepare except percussion has a snare/bass page and a mallets page. Percussionists who have mallet experience should prepare the mallets page in addition to the snare/bass page. 
  • Sight-reading will be included in the Symphonic Band audition.

Wind Ensemble:

  • Most instruments have two pages of audition music. Euphonium only has one. Percussion has a snare/bass page and a mallet page, please prepare both.

  •  Sight-reading will be included in the Wind Ensemble audition.

  •  Scales will be included in the Wind Ensemble Audition: You will be asked to play a chromatic scale and two major scales. Please prepare scales in all major keys.

     If after reading this complete document, and viewing the attachments, you are in need of further explanation, please contact Carol Mellis at cmellis@musicianenrichmentfoundation.org.

    Happy practicing!

    See you all soon!                                                   

    Carol Mellis

    Camp Artistic Director

    MEF/ASU Band Camp



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