This page contains:   1). Band Camp Application Form,  2). Tuition Fee - DEPOSIT

We are happy you are interested in MEF/ASU Band Camp 2017 at the Arizona State University, Tempe, and we look forward to receiving your application. To apply for MEF/ASU Band Camp 2017, please complete and submit the online application form. Acceptance will be based on experience and positions available for each instrument. A notification email will be sent to you one week, or less, after reception of your online form. Please make your DEPOSIT payment for MEF/ASU Band Camp 2017 so that we can gauge your interest in Band Camp 2017. The payment link can also be found by clicking on the menu bar of our homepage. Payment for MEF/ASU Band Camp 2017 is non-refundable. Scholarships are available for students requiring financial assistance.

Camp hours are Monday-Thursday 8:30am-3:30pm and Friday 8:30-7:00 pm. Further information on the MEF/ASU Band Camp 2017, including hours, activities and the Friday, June 16th, 5:00pm camp performance will be located on the "Projects" section of this website. Instruments for camp are available, if needed, but you must indicate your need in the "describe student's experience playing the instrument" section of the online application. Thank you!



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